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How To Make A Living Playing Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) has taken the world by storm, offering sports enthusiasts a chance to merge their love for games with the potential to earn a living. While the beauty of turning passion into profit is strong, succeeding in Daily Fantasy Sports requires strategy, dedication, and a deep understanding of each sport. Here's a guide on how to make a living playing Daily Fantasy Sports.

How To Make A Living Playing Daily Fantasy Sports

Understanding Daily Fantasy Sports

Unlike traditional fantasy sports, where players commit to a full season, Daily Fantasy Sports games last for a day or a week. Players create teams based on real-life athletes and earn points based on their performances in actual games. The goal is to assemble a team that scores the most points within a set budget.

Steps to Succeed in Daily Fantasy Sports

1. Advanced Statistical Analysis:

Go beyond basic player statistics. Utilize advanced metrics and analytics tools to evaluate player performance more deeply. For instance, in basketball, metrics like Player Efficiency Rating (PER) or Win Shares can provide insights that traditional stats might miss.

2. Game Theory Application:

In larger tournaments, it's not always about picking the players who will score the most points, but those who will outscore their expected value. Understanding and applying game theory can help in constructing lineups that not only have high potential but are also unique compared to the competition.

3. Leveraging Ownership Percentages:

In tournaments, knowing the projected ownership percentage of a player can be crucial. Picking high-performing, low-ownership players can differentiate your lineup and propel you to the top of leaderboards.

4. Stacking Strategy:

In sports like baseball or football, 'stacking'—choosing multiple players from the same team—can be a beneficial strategy. If a team has an explosive offensive day, you'll reap the benefits across multiple lineup spots.

5. Continuous Learning with Post-Game Analysis:

After each contest, review your lineups. Analyze what went right, what went wrong, and why. This retrospective analysis can provide insights and refine your strategy for future games.

6. Utilizing DFS Tools and Software:

There are numerous tools, software, and platforms available that offer lineup optimizers, matchup analyzers, and other resources. Leveraging these tools can give you an edge over players who rely solely on intuition or basic research.

Top 6 Fantasy Sports and How to Make a Living Out of Them

Fantasy Sport

Key Tips for Success

Football (Soccer)

Focus on matchups, player form, and team dynamics. Goalkeepers and defenders from top teams can offer consistent points.

American Football

Understand player roles, especially in positions like running back or wide receiver. Weather conditions can also impact performance.


Player minutes are crucial. A lesser-known player getting more court time can be a valuable pick.


Pitchers dominate DFS baseball. Research on starting pitchers and their recent performances is vital.


Line combinations are essential. Players who play together on the same line or power play unit have correlated success.


Focus on course history and player form. Golfers who've performed well on a particular course in the past can be valuable picks.


Making a living from Daily Fantasy Sports is like diving into a world full of fun, planning, and a love for sports. The idea of using your knowledge of sports to earn money is exciting, but it's important to really commit and always be ready to learn more. As sports and how players' performance can change, you also need to keep updating your game plans and ideas. By putting in the time to study, using smart tactics, and trusting your gut, Daily Fantasy Sports can offer not just a chance to earn money but also the fun of playing and the joy of winning. Whether you've been playing for a while or are just starting out, always remember that in DFS, every day brings a new game, a new puzzle to solve, and a new shot at victory.

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